How to pin DevTool window on top

Is there a way to set the Google Chrome`s developer tools window to always be on top after it`s been detached from the Chrome window itself?

Answer is YES and NO. Chrome`s developer tool doesn`t have inbuilt option to put it on top. Some applications doesn`t have the functionality like Task Manager - "Always on top" feature.

If you would like to prevent DevTool window from hiding  while you focus the browser to the foreground you can use third party app. There are plenty of apps that can do this but for me DeskPins works fine. This app is "Install and forget". It support hotkeys to put windows "Always on top". You have simple solution for just 104 KiB. Install the app then focus on window that want to be on top and press CTR+F11 (default) or hotkeys you specified in option menu.

That simple




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