NEJE Laser Engraver. Software downloads and updates 2022. Windows and Mac. How to.

This article may be slightly outdated, originating from 2019. However, we`ve included the historical versions of Neje Software, which you can find below.
The details provided remain relevant for a range of models, including NEJE DK-8-KZ, DK-8 PRO-5, DK-6 PRO-5, JZ-5, JZ-5-T, DK-5 Pro-5, NEJE Master engraver, NEJE KZ, and NEJE BL. Similar applicability can be expected across the other models due to their resemblance.
Furthermore, our commitment extends to keeping the software section up to date.

Important safety information

  • Please do not touch the laser or a laser beam when the facility is working.
  • The laser does not have Radiation, but when it works the temperature is getting up to 400 centigrade. So please do not remove the laser to shoot your eyes.
  • The laser facility passed the CE, safety control, and have no radiation.
  • The laser facility is powered by 5V, 2A USB charger, Do not use other power.
  • Please keep the laser facility away from flammable objects.
  • The suggested time of use is not more than one hour at once except is mentioned other.
  • It is prohibited for children to use the laser facility without adult supervision.
  • Please pay attention to keep the surface of the facility clean.
  • Please place the facility on a flat desktop.
  • Power by security and polymer battery, no explosion risk of spontaneous combustion.
  • The facility no usage for a long time can automatically lead to dormancy mode.

Control by Computer

Before you can use a computer and laser facility for engraving, you need to install a facility driver which allows the facility to communicate with the computer, furthermore, you need to install application software on your computer so that you can start your engraving. The same situation applies to the Laser Engraver, you need to install the USB-Serial driver which allows the Laser Engraver to talk to the computer, and you need to install the engraver software to control the Laser Engraver. NEJE DK-8-KZ, DK-8 PRO-5, DK-6 PRO-5, JZ-5, JZ-5-T, DK-5 Pro-5 engraver comes with a 1GB micro SD card, the files on the SD card are including the USB-Serial driver, engraver software and few JPG photos as shown in the figure below. The software is compatible with Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, system.


We will use the gray cardboard to carve as an example to explain, please follow the instructions to do your operation.
>> Obtain a desktop computer or laptop computer (computer operating system requirements is WinXP, window 7, win8, win10);
>> Obtain a USB rechargeable head (5V1A) (Apple, Samsung, Huawei mobile phone head can be, Support 5V1A or more);
>> Open the packaging, remove the fixed tape and pearl cotton on the machine;
>> Adjust the focal length of the laser, factory default settings the focal length of the gray cardboard, there is no need to do any adjustment. If you need to carve the object in different thickness, you need to place the object in the engraving platform and adjust the focus manually, when in the first operation, it is recommended to use gray cardboard (in the package list) to carve;

The method of adjusting the focal length as follow:
1: Fixed the surface of the carved objects at the level of the bearing table, put on the focusing glasses( sent in random) (maybe will not adapt it at the beginning, just to be used as the focus), rotate the focus head manually, shown in the figure:
Adjust laser lens NEJE

2: Observe the light down to the surface in the smallest point of the object, when the rotation to the smallest point, indicating that the focal length has been adjusted, note that the smaller the focus adjustment, the image engraving effect is finer, if the focal length is not adjusted, there may be no image to be carve;

Safety precautions:
1. Our machine certified to CE and FDA certification, the radiation values far below the EU and the United States standards, please rest assured that use;
2. If the hand touch the laser in accidentally when in work, don`t worry about that it will not burn your hand;
3. Do not remove the laser head!
4. Do not use where the children can touch!
5. Keep away from flammable and explosive materials!
6. The top design of the machine has an emergency pause button that can be used in an emergency!

Step 1: Connection

As shown in the picture: Connect the round port USB cable to the 5V1A power adapter; connect the D port data cable to the computer USB port;

Connection NEJE

After the connection, the machine will detect the edge distance automatically, and then start the second step.

Step 2: Install the driver

drive and software for windows, click me to download! (the software have updated from 2017.11.1) download and decompress before the installation, first install the driver, then install the software, first connect the machine to the computer and then install):
download and decompress, first install the driver, as shown below, after the success of the installation click to confirm bottom, and then close the installation window;

Intall Dirver for nehe how to

Neje driver check


Step 3: Start the software

a. Open the software 
The software will connect to the machine automatically, if you do not understand the English interface, please select Language!

NEJE LaserCarver

If you start the software, appear such a prompt (see below), please download the .net framework 4.0 click me download or download from (recommend)Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer) 

NEJE LaserCarver error

b. Test the text print 
Enter "my test", you can select "font", select the font and the font size, and then click "insert", click the middle of the software area, then insert the text to print the area;

Neke LaserCarver Interface

Neje Laser Carver Software

What materials can be carved, how to fix materials?

Objective engraving material: “Smooth, Organic, opaque, Non- flame- retardant material For example Wood, Gray cardboard, bamboo, Leather, etc.

Unsuitable engraving material: ” Those materials unable to burn &focus“ For example Pure metal(without coating), transparent plastic, White paper(Astigmatic), PP plastic, etc.

Fix the object to be carved with a silicone pad and rubber band or other auxiliary tools.

All downloadable files are mirrored from neje.tool


  1. Do not engrave on a reflective surface.
  2. Neje comes with a board marker if you want to engrave on a white surface.
  3. Suggestion: Try using a non-transparent tape. You`ll like the print more.
  4. Don`t be like a cat. You will never catch the laser dot. Machine laser energy is not that huge enough to damage you if a hand or other part of the body stays in the curving scope accidentally during curving, but, you’d better be careful since it’s an abnormal operation of the machine.
  5. Keep away from children
  6. Keep away from dust. Avoid prolonged exposure to dusty environments. Put it in a safe place to avoid dropping. Is fragile. Add a little lubricant on the moving parts if you don`t use the machine for a long time (Lubrication is good for many reasons. But do not lubricate it too much).

Download NEJE Controller Software for Mac

  2. NEJE Controller for Mac Download software from Mac APP Store. Search for the keyword: “NEJE” 
  3. Grbl_Controller.rar  2019.6.14

Download NEJE Software for Windows and Driver for NEJE

  1. First, download and install the driver as mentioned
    - (2014 work with KZ/BL - CH341SER.INF) driver.exe
    - (2019 - CH341SER.INF) Driver for NEJE 1/2/2S Series and KZ/BL
    - (2022 - VirtualCOM_Driver) Driver for NEJE 3 Series device

  2. Install .NET if you do not install it yet. You can find it in downloads below. Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and above already have .NET and is not necessary to install it.
  3. Download and install desired software for NEJE:
    1. (.NET, driver, software V3.6 KZ FKZ BL).zip (as pictures showed; oldest version)  Ignore if win10 and above
    2. NEJE_en_kz_v40.exe 2018
    3. NEJE_V4.2_EN.exe  2019
      (only supports Android phone, use it with Windows software)
    4. NEJE_V4.3_1004_EN.exe 2019.4
    5. NEJE_V4.4_1051.exe 2019.6.14
      (Can adjust the G code size, Solve some NC file bugs)
    6. NEJE_V4.5_1071.exe 2019.7.20
      (Update the latest instruction for new mainboard, Compatible with past machines. )
    7. NEJE_V4.6.0.exe 2019.9.10 (Update bugs.)
    8. NEJE_V4.6.1.exe 2019.10.05 (Fix software connectivity issues.)
    9. NEJE_V4.7.exe 2019.11.15 (increase positioning function, <increase power adjustment by 1%-100%,Increase online gcode for NEJE Master>)
    10. NEJE-V4.7.1.exe 2019.11.27
    11. NEJE-V4.7.2.exe 2019.12.04
    12. NEJE_V5.0.1.exe  2020.3.19
    13. NEJE-V5.1.exe 2020.03.01 (NEJE Master 2 ONLY Support firmware upgrade to version 6.2)
    14. NEJE_V5.2.exe  2020.6.12  (Support NEJE Master 2, mini, plus ,max; bug fix)
    15. NEJE_V5.3.1.exe  2020.7.13 - bug fix, firmware upgrade to version 7.1
    16. NEJE_V5.3.4.exe  2020.8.25 (NEJE Master 2) - bug fix.
    17. NEJE_V5.3.5.exe 2020.9.5 - bug fix.
    18. NEJE_V5.4.exe  2020.11.19 (NEJE Master 2) - Support 2s version.
    19. NEJE_v5.4.2.exe  2020.12.4- (NEJE Master 2) bug fix.
    20. NEJE_v5.4.4.exe — 2020.12.29- bug fix.
    21. NEJE_v5.5.exe — 2021.1.25- bug fix, Add new features.
    22. NEJE_v5.6.exe — 2021.6.1- Upgrade G-gode.
    23. NEJE_v5.6.4.exe — 2021.9.13- Updates and Fix bug on open virtual Bluetooth serial port..
    24. NEJE_v5.6.5.exe — 2022.1.10- Updates and Fix bug.
    25. NEJE_v6.1.8.exe —  2022.6.6 - The Latest NEJE Win Software.   Only supports NEJE 3 series. 
    26. NEJE_v6.3.4.exe —  2023 -  For NEJE 3 series and NEJE Max 4.  

FOR NEJE master 3500, NEJE master 6000, NEJE master 7W, NEJE master 20W use software version NEJE_V4.3_1004 or higher.

CAUTION Neje firmware Update for NEJE-KZ-2019 ONLY!

Updating Neje firmware is not without risks. You can damage the machine if you do it wrong. If you are about to update you must remember simple things:

  • Do not disconnect the cable from the machine while update
  • Use legit power cable and data cable

NEJE team or OUR team is not responsible for any damage caused while update.

Official update website:
  - 2019.9.10 (Fix bugs, for purchased from 2019.8.1 to now)

Download Android APP Install for NEJE Laser BL

Attention: Before opening the software, please start the machine`s power
System Requirements: (Android 5.0 and above, Bluetooth 4.0 support)

  1. N_Scanner_V1.0_EN.apk (Android APP  for NEJE BL Laser engraver)
  2. NEJE_Bluetooth_LaserCarver.apk (Android software for NEJE BL Laser engraver)
  3. NEJE_V1.0.apk / neje_android_app1.apk (Android APP for NEJE BL Laser engraver)
  4. NEJE_V2.0.apk (2019.9.18 updated, Android software for NEJE BL Laser engraver)
  5. NEJE_V2.1.apk (2019.10.26 updated, Android software for NEJE BL Laser engraver)
  6. NEJE_V2.2.apk (2019.11.14 updated, Optimize bugs that some Android mobile phone model transmission interruption. Android software for NEJE BL Laser engraver)
  7. NEJE_V2.3.apk  (2020.3.16 Also supports Master 2)
  8. NEJE_V2.4.apk  (2020.6.12 bug fix)
  9. NEJE_V2.5.apk (2020.11.19) Supported Device: NEJE Master 2s mini, 2s plus , 2s max
  10. NEJE 3_v3.0.3.apk (2022.6.6) Supported Device: NEJE 3, NEJE 3 Plus, NEJE 3 Pro, NEJE 3 Max

NEJE APP for Android

Support Device: NEJE 3, NEJE 3 Plus, NEJE 3 Pro, NEJE 3 Max

NEJE APP for iphone, iPad, macbook

Support OS: iPhone (iOS 10.0 or later), iPad (iPadOS 10.0 or later), Mac (macOS 11.0 or later)

Support Device: NEJE 3, NEJE 3 Plus, NEJE 3 Pro, NEJE 3 Max

Download from Apple App Store



We will be happy to share your experience or ask a question in the comments below.


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All the NEJE Windows software versions (all up to year 2019) are smaller than 1.7MB, they run nicely.
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Why is that?

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