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Taurus: Tap the Cosmic Power of Matter

In ancient creation myths, Earth was a primordial being whose power was so alluring that Uranus, the primordial sky being, couldn’t keep away. Every night, he came down to cover her steamy waters and spread himself across her ridges and hollows. The mating of these two conceived a reality like none in the Universe. Together they brought forth the Earth we know, solid yet dynamic and ever-transforming. Taurus is the cosmic matter of which our  home planet is made.  It’s the sign that knows that spirit is embedded deep within matter. 

And that’s what you know too, wherever in your horoscope you have this earthy energy.  Taurus turns the keen, lush intelligence of your senses into an art form. No energy is so exquisitely attuned to the Earth’s sensual magic of transformation as thiss. Taurus is the connoisseur of taste, touch, and smell, of sight and hearing. Its tribe is famous for their keen senses and their spell-binding voices.

Our culture is dominated by the mind—and only half of that.  We’ve almost completely lost touch with the magical depths of the Earth’s power. Wherever the sign of Taurus falls in your birth chart is where those depths wait to be activated within you.

We’ve come to view the Earth and the body as machines, not as intelligent, living systems. This is a death-dealing attitude. It’s shaped everything from the way we produce food to the way we practice medicine. The perception of matter as “already dead “ is at the root of our tolerance of toxic chemicals in our clothing, our cosmetics, and our furnishings. It’s at the core of our sleep deprivation, our sex deprivation, and our pleasure deprivation. The good news is that we have within us the power to banish it from our lives. The starting point is our relationship to our bodies and the Earth’s body. Just ask any Taurus.

More than any sign in the zodiac, Taurus knows that the material world is alive, vibrant, and pulsing with energy and intelligence. The Taurean tribe knows in their cells that fresh mountain air is a tonic for body and spirit, that real, whole, delicious food is medicine for both mind and body, and that physical touch can heal broken hearts as well as bruised tendons. 

In this, Taurus is much like its mutable Earth sign kinswoman, Virgo.  Taurus draws its power from the full spectrum of Earth magic— healing, wealth, pleasure, and renewal.Taureans understand matter because its energies are so strong within them. Sensuality, strength, endurance, and creativity are the boons of this deeply creative sign of the ancient goddesses.

Taurus is happiest when it sensual intelligence is humming.  When there’s a deficit of touch or beauty, a shortage of good food or pleasing sounds–get out of the way.  You won’t like what happens if you don’t. And one more thing. Don’t try to change a Taurus’ mind about anything. This is the mot stubborn sign in the skies. Don’t cross it.  Instead, release some Taurus power into your own life.

Releasing the Earth’s Magic into Your Life

Feeling insecure? Ungrounded? Too much work and not enough pleasure? Out of touch with nature? Sleep-deprived?  Taurus medicine is what you need. To release the abundant Earth magic of Taurus in your birth chart, do this: 

Ditch the processed food. Not only for your health (that would be Virgo’s reasoning), but to maximize the sensory pleasure of food.

Get a massage.

* Indulge yourself Taurus-style.  Take plenty of nature breaks (the Japanese call it “forest bathing”). 

* Let your nervous system share information with Gaia by “earthing.”  Walk barefoot and stretch out on the grass, one sentient being in the arms of another. 

*Look to the part of your birth chart that contains the sign of Taurus.  This is likeliest to be the most grounded, practical, and sensual part of your life. You’ll also be very stubborn here. These are the things you want to keep simple, uncomplicated, and tangible. Once you’ve figured out how you like it here, you will not want to change. Ever. Watch that.

* Get to know Venus. The Cosmic Feminine is Taurus’ ruling planet.  The house where Venus, ruler of Taurus, is placed is likely to be the part of your life where your Taurean powers of attraction are greatest. What you like and value—the flip side of the coin of attraction—are found here too.

* Focus on your 2nd House, of Resources, both internal and external. Your money house is the part of you that is naturally Taurean, and its earthy influence can be felt there no matter what sign is on the cusp. This is the domain of all the resources at your disposal, both internal and external.

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