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Rico Lamerts van Buren

solitary owner of  "Picasse Bulgaria"Ltd.
date: 01.IX.2010


 to be in service to: Orlin Ognianov Tsolov


Dear Sirs,

Herewith I would like to announce my good stance towards this young professional, same being part of my IT team for a time.

During our cooperative work I noticed Orlin's willingness to get involved in more complex projects, where he always strived for a timely termination and even before deadlines stated.  He also got involved in working under platforms as sophisticated as Magento, where he was quite contributive by developing it.

Furthermore, he is a person easy to communicate with, punctual and on matching the team. It was not a scarce occasion that he worked till very late or during entire weekends, over which I have never heard a complaint.

In conclusion, I'd like to state I truly believe in this young professional and have no doubt that a serious professional life and growth is before him!

Sincerely Yours,
Rico Lamerts van Buren

RECOMMENDATION (Picasse Bulgaria Ltd.)
Длъжност: solitary owner
Телефон: +31 (0)20 773 56 72 / +359 2 954 85 19
Email: [email protected]
Тип: Професионален




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