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So after many times of going back and forth blocking / disabling apps on my devices through the command line and or shell, I decided to write a program to make this all much easier for myself. Well, after I got it all finally running and doing what I wanted, for each particular device I own, I decided that his was a pretty nice program and I wanted to share it with the community. After all, this community is where I started and learned a lot of the things I know today. So why not share with my family of Android enthusiasts.

The program requires that your manufacturer USB drivers are installed for your specific device as well as the following:

  • Windows Operating System
  • USB Debugging turned on for your device
  • Root or KitKat and above running on your device

Some people have had trouble getting their PC to see their device, even with the device manufacturer drivers installed. Watch your device when you plug it in and authorize your computer to access it, the device should display a popup something for you to grant access to the PC. If it does not, go into Settings, Developer Options and look for an option that says something about Revoke USB debugging authorizations and tap it. Click ok. Now, unplug your device and plug it in while watching your device and click on the option to always allow this computer and then grant when the popup window displays.

What does it do?:

  • Block / Disable applications on your device
  • UnBlock / Enable applications on your device
  • Allow UnBlock / Enable all applications at once on your device
  • Allows filtering of the displayed packages for quicker decision making
  • Allows exporting your blocked / unblocked listing to a file (Right click on Read Device Packages after list is loaded)
  • Allows importing your blocked, or someone else`s, listing (Right click on Read Device Packages after list is loaded)

• Allows complete removal of application(s) if you have root (It will backup the original folder structure and apk for you, just in case you need to restore the application(s) back to your device.

So, essentially what it does is this. It will disable / block any system and third party application on your device with ease and allow you to enable / unblock the application just as easy. It also reads everything, real-time, directly from your device, so that there are no messy batch files, scripts and txt files, etc. that you have to maintain and keep track of for every device you own. I mean let`s be honest, most of us own more than one device. Phones, tablets, etc. Who wants to maintain all those scripts and files for every device? The other nice thing that this program does is allow you to, at a granular level, control what is blocked/disabled and what is not. There are quite a few scripts and things like this available in the community that give everyone a start on what to disable/block, but who wants to scour through these scripts and decide what they want or don`t want with something someone else put together. The other nice feature of the program is it will display information for you about your device. Such as Model number, Serial number and battery status. As well as whether or not your device is rooted or not.

What audience of device does it support?:
This program supports many devices. It will support any device running KitKat or above, whether rooted or not. That`s right, if your running KitKat or above, your device does not need to be rooted. If you`re running anything other than KitKat or above, your device does need to be rooted. As long as these requirements are met the program will run. The program will also auto-detect whether or not your device is supported. So if you are not sure, plug it in and let the program tell you. If your device is not supported, it will put up a message saying as much and close the program.

Sharing your blocked list or re-import it to your device:
So there are times when you get a replacement device and do not want to have to go through all the pain remembering what you had blocked. Well to the rescue comes the export/import functionality of the application. This will allow you to export and import your blocked list. You also might want to share it with someone. So this is how it works:

Once you launched the program and have clicked the Read Device Packages and your list is up, you can right click on the Read Device Packages button and export the blocked packages to a file and share it. Then the person receiving it just does the same process, but when they right click on the Read Device Packages, they just choose import blocked packages and then click the Apply button. Done.. You of course can do this yourself to your device. This can come in very handy if you have to Wipe Data, because you blocked something you should not have and your device is experiencing issues.

Well community people that is it. I hope you enjoy the program as much as I do and look forward to your feedback. Gatesjunior signing out...

Full Install:
Download link:

Upgrade Install: (Just replace debloater.exe in your "C:Program Files (x86)DebloaterDebloater" folder)
Download link:

OSX Version (dmg file): Thank @eyekyu for the port over with Wineskin..
Download link:

My Blocked List for KK Note 4:

Video by our own RootJunky: 

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