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Download messengers for desktop. Facebook and WhatsApp.

Before you read the article first I want to give you a download links to desktop programs . Those are unofficial software. But work more then fine.

Source: http://messengerfordesktop.com/


Official software:

Official Facebook Messenger for Windows can no longer be downloaded.

Facebook Messenger for Windows is the official program for Facebook that allows you to chat with your contacts from your desktop.

Facebook Messenger for Windows not only lets you communicate with your Facebook contacts but also gives you access to your news feed and message notifications giving you access to all the essential tools of the Facebook social network.

If you want to chat with someone via Facebook Messenger, you have a few options. You could head over to Facebook.com, or use the mobile Messenger app on your phone, but now there`s a new way.

Facebook this week launched a dedicated website for Messenger. Just sign in with your Facebook username and password, and begin chatting away - without the distraction of your News Feed lurking nearby.

The site offers a clean white interface with all your open chats on the left side. Click on one of these chats to continue the conversation, or search for people and groups to start a new chat.

Your conversations will sync across the new site, Facebook.com, and the Messenger mobile apps - so you can, for instance, start a convo on your phone and pick up on the new site when you`re at your computer. You can also opt to receive desktop notifications when you receive messages, so you don`t miss any chats.


The site is aimed at people who use Messenger and want a dedicated messaging experience on the Web. It`s meant to complement the existing Messenger mobile app, giving you another option to message on your computer.

"Once logged in, people can dive directly into a dedicated desktop messaging experience, keeping their conversations going and picking up where they left off," a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement.

The move to launch a standalone Web chat product comes after Facebook at its annual f8 developer conference last month revealed its Messenger Platform and Messenger Business, which will allow developers and businesses to integrate with the social network`s chat service. This means that apps and brands will soon invade Facebook Messenger.


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