40 Most Bloodcurdling Chinese Mistranslations Ever!

Chinese, or more specifically Mandarin, is nowadays the most spoken language in the world with around 2 billion speakers. English on the other hand, is the third most spoken language with an estimate of between 300 - 400 million speakers.Even though both languages can be regarded as world languages, translations between the two seem to be much more difficult than expected. Especially, when considering the bloodcurdling examples, which we provided below.

Have you ever thought of having a glass of "Cock Light" or "Whiskey & Cock"? Maybe you should add a plate of "Sixi Roasted Husband" or "Meat Fried Cat Ear" to that order! Well, if these choices do not suit you, maybe you are in the wrong restaurant or maybe the translator of the menu card needs to take a language course.

Nevertheless, we have to acknowledge that we would not have laughed so hard, when the translators would have visited a language course. Therefore, please do not take language courses! Enjoy...

F*ck Vegetables!

"干菜" means dried vegetables and "类" means type. So as a whole, it should be the dried vegetables section. The translator was way too concerned about the Chinese character "干" which is also a slang for f***." 

Beware of Safety


Hand Grenade

No Discunt


Execution in Progress

One of Those Time Sex Things...

Poor Duck...

Reverse Psychology!

Please Do Not Disturb!


Hmmm... OK!

Wang Had to Burn


Special Fresh Crap

No Shitting

Don`t Be Edible

Evil Rubbish

Cat Ear?!

Potato the Crap

Don`t Order the Greenstuffs!


Slip and Fall Down Carefully!

Good to know!

Don`t Touch Yourself!

Racist Park

Grab Me Now!

Beware of Missing Foot

Stupid Beans

Cheap, Fast & Easy

You Are the Best!

F*ck Goods!

No Smoking The Bed!

Crap Stick


Unlike Put Your Shoes On My Face

Thanks to everyone!

The Wild Germ Hates Soup




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